Nigerian Leader Appointed Congo Mediator

The horror that is the Congo continued on its destructive path resulting in the death of thousands and rape and destruction engulfing millions of people. Former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, was asked by the United Nations to assume the role of attempting to mediate the madness that has become the Congo. He is trying to persuade Rwanda leaders to send negotiators to assist in the peace process. Meanwhile, UN forces have evacuated large areas in the Congo as rebel troops led by General Laurent Nkunda swept through areas killing, raping and looting even as retreating members of the Congo army killed, raped and looted on their way far from any fighting.

A UN convoy finally reached a camp that supposedly held thousands of refugees only to find it deserted since the people fled to avoid the oncoming slaughter of General Nkunda. Part of the problem is although nations contributed troops to the UN they are tied by restrictions not to engage in battle. Unfortunately, General Nkunda has no such restrictions.