Nigerian Troops On Move-Somewhere!

Based upon our authoritative sources in Africa we can now inform the world that troops of the vast Nigerian army are on the move-somewhere in Africa as they launch a new program which is designed to do something about the 200 girls who were abducted by the nutty Boko Haram terrorists. Of course, the initial problem is whether the girls are safer with Muslim terrorists crazies or would they be dead if rescued by the incompetent group known as the Nigerian army? It is sort of a lose-lose situation for the girls. Few Nigerian troops get paid a decent wage and most are not too certain if they really have weapons to fire since corruption is the norm in this army. Anyway, some guys who wear Nigerian army uniforms are entering the jungle to do something.

Canada,the United States and the United Kingdom are providing military assistance teams to help Nigerian troops find something in the jungle that is connected with Boko Haram. The ordinary practice of Nigerian troops who are told that Boko Haram forces are in the area is to blast away at a local village, murder the innocent, and proclaim it was done by Boko Haram. Anyway, maybe, the drones up in the air or surveillance planes can spot the location which contains the girls. A problem is that if Nigerian troops swing into action they will blast away without any consideration of the girls.