Nigerian Vigilantes

The nation of Nigeria is divided between Christians and Muslims. People of Muslim faith are divided between those seeking to live a life  based on modern ideas of tolerance and democracy and those desiring to impose Sharia law upon everyone in the country. Young armed men carrying machetes and sticks are getting tired of having radical Muslims enter their cities and attack people in order to make certain everyone in the land knows who is in charge of the land.The Civilian JTF is attacking militants and they really are not interested in law and order other than their own vigilante rule.

As one emphasized to the media: “we are into this to salvage our people from the Boko Haram who had killed our people.” I guess enough is enough and it is time for some to impose vigilante law since the Nigerian army is incapable of behaving  like an army which seeks to serve the people of Nigeria. Between the Boko Haram and the army, for many, vigilante justice is the only justice in town.