Nightmare Of Human Trafficking-Modern Slavery?

Chief Justice Pius Langa of South Africa attacked the growing presence of human trafficking in his nation. He described human trafficking as “an evil as terrible as the slave trade of the past and it requires a concerted response from civil society and the government.” He estimated world wide human trafficking as involving between 800,000-900,000 people each year and believed there are at least 28,000 children in South africa who are caught up in the process. Most experts believe the majority of people involved in the human trafficking trade come from southern regions of Africa, eastern Europe or Thailand and China. Langa says a common approach to human trafficking in his nation is for those accorded refugee status to send home for women who are then confronted with either enter prostitution or return to poverty. He also believes many women who cross the border of their nation find refuge in “safe houses” where they again are confronted with a dilemma of cooperating in being sold to miners and other men in South Africa or going back home to violence, rape and death.

The entire human trafficking issue can not be handled country by country. It requires the UN to assume responsibility for developing comprehensive programs for dealing with the issues. Most human trafficking involves women, but a significant number also includes young boys. Obviously, ending war or conditions in countries like Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe, an egomaniac, has destroyed the economy from taking place.