Nine US Soldiers Die In Afghanistan!

The situation in Afghanistan increasingly has grown more troublesome even as the level of violence in Iraq lessens. A multi-pronged attack on a US base close to the Pakistan border resulted in the deaths of nine American soldiers and the wounding about about. It was the deadliest casualty total since June, 2005 when sixteen died after their helicopter got shot down. This weekend’s assault began early in the morning and continued throughout the day as militants fired machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and mortars from homes and mosques in the village of Wanat which is located in the mountainous area of northeaster Afghanistan. Monthly death rates in Afghanistan already have surpassed those of Iraq both in May and June. July rates may well set a new mark.

Also on Sunday, a suicide bomber targeted a police patrol killing 19 civilians and five policemen. Th individual who becomes president in January, 2009 will confront serious issues in Afghanistan regarding what should be American policy and how does the United States assist the development of a more vibrant and effective government in Afghanistan. if the militancy rises it will require shifting thousands of additional troops from Iraq.