Niqab In Your Future?

Just mention the magic word,”terrorist”and one has the attention of every spy agency in the world. Just add the word,”Muslim” to the initial word, and thousands of computers swing into action ready to explore every facet of the life of this individual. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed(let’s get clear that he is a Muslim) somehow got on some list which set in motion surveillance from numerous agencies in the United States and England. The Metropolitan London police initially got a picture of him slipping into a mosque-for purposes as of yet unknown, and shortly after they spotted a picture of some Moslem woman wearing a niqab that apparently was the Mohamed in female clothes. She escaped to parts yet known.

At present, it is unclear exactly what Mohamed did, but now everyone is upset that a Muslim man is wearing female clothes. Obviously, there is something amiss in the land of England. The real issue of the hour is really not that Mohamed did anything, but that he escaped the surveillance program. After all, that is now a crime.