Niqab Not Wanted In Syria

Western nations such as France and Belgium are taking legal action to ban Muslim women from wearing the niqab in public, but a similar trend is also being felt in Arab nations. Syria, which fears fundamentalist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, has placed a ban on females wearing the niqab on college grounds, and has removed from elementary school classroom hundreds of teachers who wear the niqab. However, there are no restrictions on wearing headscarves. Ironically, as fundamentalist groups in Iran and Afghanistan impose religious restrictions on females, secular nations such as Syria, Egypt and even Lebanon are pushing for greater restrictions on the niqab. The issue has nothing to do with female rights in these Arab nations, it is a fight against religious fundamentalists who are viewed as enemies of the state.

Ironically, France and Belgium are imposing restrictions on Muslim females along with dictatorial regimes in the Middle East. In both cases, fear is the driving force to restrict the rights of women. What exactly would happen if some Muslim women wore the niqab?