Niqab Or Not To Niqab?

The emergence of blogs is a wonderful opportunity for those whose voice can not be heard to spread their ideas around the world. However, when ambassadors to nations begin to expose their hidden thoughts on a blog, they might be offering some interesting comments on the state of the world, but they open the door to criticism. British Ambassador to Egypt, Dominic Asquith, for some reason, shared his religious views on a blog and it has resulted in an uproar. Asquith informed one and all that wearing the niqab was not essential to being a good Muslim and compared the controversy to that which arose in the 1960s when Catholic women ceased wearing a head veil when entering the church. Asquith argued the niqab was a “symbol,” not a requirement of a religion.

“We cannot presume to know,” said the ambassador, whether God attaches importance to the symbols we have adopted.” I don’t know about that. Come to think about the topic, I never saw God portrayed as wearing anything on his head. Anyway, until some voice from the clouds tells me to cover my head, I will bare it only when in the shower.