Niqabitches Stroll Through Paris

The French parliament has passed legislation which bans the wearing of a niqab by Muslim women if they intend to enter public buildings. Right wing bigots are happy, but many of France’s supporters of human rights regard this law as an insult to the principles of religious freedom. Two young women decided to take a stand by making a film in which they walk through Paris wearing a niqab as well as hot pants. They call themselves “niqabitches and are seen walking past government offices wearing garments that cover their face except for a small slit showing the eyes. However, they also wear hotpants. Their attire attracted the attention of many people which was their intent. “To put a buraq on would have been too simple, ” they said. “So we asked ourselves how would the authorities react when faced with women wearing a burqa and mini-shorts?’

Not well, would be my reaction.