Nixon Aided Clinton

Once upon a time in America presidents of the United States actually talked with one another. President Kennedy called upon former Republican President Eisenhower for advice in dealing with Cuba. President Truman asked former President Hoover to handle a government reorganization plan. Heck, President Franklin Roosevelt asked Republican presidential candidate, Wendell Wilkie to become his special envoy. It now turns out that President William Clinton asked  former President Richard Nixon for advice in dealing with the Soviet Union. In a new video Bill Clinton makes clear he had several talks with Nixon and used his knowledge in dealing with the collapsing Soviet Union.

In his last discussion with incoming President George Bush, Clinton warned about a threat from Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Bush had no interest in what Clinton said. Clinton discussed his attempts to reach a compromise agreement between Israel and Palestinians, Bush was not interested.

Yes, once upon a time presidents actually talked with one another. Now, we have the Tea Party.