Nixon Library Tells The Truth!

The library that was established to be the center of Richard Nixon papers and materials has decided to present honest information about the only president who had to leave office under a cloud. It is displaying Watergate materials that depict Nixon in a rather unfavorable light. This is an interesting idea, so how about:

!. The Ronald Reagan library which displays graphs showing how our national debt rose under his administration?

2. The George Bush library which offers a slide presentation about the number of Iraqi people who died while the US was tying to save them.

3. We could have the John F. Kennedy library present pictures of the president in bed with Marilyn Monroe.

5. The Warren Harding library could be deserted since nothing happened while he was president.

6. George Bush I library could have photos of him holding he boy who would grow up to be president.

7. The Barack Obama library could have an enormous photo of a chocolate eclair which would depict his backbone.