No Abortion For Medicare

Several Republican governors are refusing to accept Obamacare if there are provisions that mandate offering women medical assistance for handling abortion. The assumption of this idea is why should conservatives who oppose abortion have to be provided medical assistance in dealing with abortion? Fair enough.

1. Seventh Day Adventists do not believe in medicine. Why should they be forced to be in a medical program that includes doctors and hospitals?

2. There is nothing in the Obamacare law that guarantees we Jews access to kosher meals in hospitals.

3. I worship the God of love. HE insists that plenty of marijuana and opium will cure any and all diseases but Obamacare does not provide such medical assistance.

4. My wise friend from youth, Big Al, always insisted the cure for any and all diseases was fornication.  Why doesn’t Obamacare include access to prostitutes?

We need some drastic changes in Obamacare.