No Abortion In Rio Grande Valley

I admit the issue of abortion causes me to reflect and think carefully about this concern that impacts so many lives. The state of Texas is engaged in a battle against those seeking an abortion and new Texas laws have resulted in the closure of nearly twenty abortion clinics which serve the needs of people. Reality is that these clinics are concerned about the issue of abortion as it impacts women of limited financial needs. If you have plenty of money there is no problem gaining access to a safe abortion that prevents damage to your health. Due to these closures, poor women will not be able to secure access to abortion facilities. I understand that for some Americans this is a great triumph since it will prevent abortions. Of course, the real question is: will denying poor women of being able to have an abortion performed result in ending this abortion?

The answer is: most probably not. Instead of a safe and secure environment for the abortion, these women will draw upon illegal abortion providers which means greater risk of illness or even death, not merely for the foetus but the mother. Regardless of whether one supports or opposes abortion, this is not medically healthy for women. I might have doubts about abortion, but the health of women is more important than my hesitations and doubts.