No Academy Award For Academy Award Show

I ordinarily dart in and out of the Oscar show because so much of what is shown is of no interest to me such as who won which award for dubbing in sound or music. But, I decided this year to sit through the entire mess and, boy, was it a boring mess. Peter Howell in the Toronto Star, really summed up my irritation at having to listen to endless poor jokes by two men who were more in love with their version of humor than anyone in the audience. Of course, being from Hollywood, these pathetic characters had to endure banality with smiles and awkward grins of forbearance. As Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin went on and on with what supposedly was humorous, I wanted to reach for a phone and call Bob Hope in Heaven, just to hear at least one funny joke.

Perhaps, someone will explain to me why they have a dance for the The Hurt Locker? How come no humor? Then, we had to listen to Kathryn Bigelow get into women rights because she won the director award. I await the first best director award to a short person or someone from Senegal. Honestly, Kathryn, the average woman who is trying to make it through the day really can’t connect to your oppressed situation!!