No Agreement For New Conference On Racism

Diplomats are unable to reach an agreement on holding a follow up conference to the 2001 session on racism which erupted in charges and accusations that unfair focus was upoon Israel rather than addressing widespread racism issues in the world. There is concern among diplomats for the need to pursue focusng on racism, but realization a follow up to the famous Durban conference must begin with a fresh perspective that is not bogged down by the issue of Israel. The European Union took part in the Geneva preparatory session, but is still uncertain of whether to support a new conference.

The 2001 conference was marred when the United States and Israel challenged attempts by some nations to brand Israel as a racist society while ignoring the reality of widesprad racism in the world. It is time to address issues of racism in just about every nation in the world and stop pretending Israel alone is guilty of such practices. Name a nation in the world from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan to India to Gemany to France to Russia to China to Indonesia to Bolivia and so on which does not contain evidence of widespread racist behaviors?