No And Yes

During my 83 years of life in the United States of America it has been my opportunity to witness the presidencies of fifteen presidents. I so awaited the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and expected great things from this man. My vote for him was the correct decision. However, little did I know this young man was politically inept and lacking in leadrship skills. As a child on the streets of New York City lesson one was-never make a threat unless you are 1000% confident it can be carried out. The second lesson was-avoid making threats. Obama got himself into a position in which he could not win a vote in Congress. HUH! A president who makes a decision to have a vote should have made completely certain the vote would be won. President Obama simply lacks a coherent foreign policy in the Middle East. Vladimir Putin has made him come across as the town fool.

Iran, Israel-Palestine-Syria-Egypt, all are possible foreign policy issues. Which is the most vital to peace in the region? I am not posing-which is the most humanitarian issue? A president must focus on what is most critical to the foreign policy issues confronting his nation. Barack Obama is clueless in Gaza and other areas of the region. Perhaps, it is time for President Obama to have someone in his administration who can focus him on foreign policy.