“No Berlusconi Day”

Silvio Berlusconi is not only the wealthiest man in Italy, he is also the biggest womanizer, the most ruthless politician, and the man who will do anything to ensure he retains power. Tens of thousands of people poured into Rome to call for his resignation just days after he barely survived a vote of confidence. There were even people coming from the island of Sardinia to participate in the first annual, “No Berlusconi Day.” The rally was organized by the Purple People, an internet-based civil society movement which is not political, simply tired of this pompous ass being head of their nation. Slogan for the day was, “Licenziamolo”–Let’s Sack Him.” Demonstrators also want legislation that bars a single person from dominating the media and using money to ensure he continually gets elected.

Italy in many ways is a nation which has allowed a small group of politicians to control government, and, in the process has weakened democratic institutions. Silvio boasts of making out with women, but, more importantly, he makes out with businessmen like himself who use government to increase their wealth. In the end, the bottom line is– follow the money trail.