No Big Gulp For Big Apple

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City had another of his innovative ideas halted by the State Supreme Court. Justice Milton Tingling, ruled the mayor’s plan to ban large sodas was not legal. I assume his decison is based on the American right not only to shoot whoever gets in the way, but to gulp down as much sugar as one desires-just check the Constitution for the right to gulp to one’s heart’s content. Bloomberg is upset, “I’ve got to defend my children, your children and do what’s right to save lives.” There is no doubt Michael Bloomberg   is on the side of God and the American way of life.

Bloomie, you do not have to worry about “my children.” First of all, they are not “my children.” Each child will pursue his or her own path in drinking or not drinking. Frankly, I am much more concerned about drugs, than sugar. As a parent, there are limits as to what we can or can not do for “our children.” Gulping soda is not among my high priorities. I would be more impressed if Bloomie ended the ridiculous test driven education and allowed “my children” to be in schools which allowed them to  learn critical thinking and PLAY!

Bloomie, which is healthier, children getting exercise in school or children not drinking a soda??