No Deal On Zimbabwe Deal For Peace

Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), is urging nations of Africa to refuse having any dealings with President Mugabe of their nation until he finally agrees to share power with their party which actually won both the presidential and parliament elections. Unfortunately, President Mbeki of South Africa, who allegedly was supposed to act as a mediator has done everything possible to protect his good friend, Mugabe, from sharing power even though the Southern African Community Development (SADC) organization has urged such an approach. If Mbeki months ago had exerted pressure on his friend, the current situation would not be confronting a refusal on the part of those in power to maintain all power.

On one hand, Mbeki says he wants peace, but, on the other hand, he remains silent about the detention of four MDC members of parliament by the police. Nothing will happen to force Mugabe to agree to change until Mbeki takes a strong stand and condemns his friend.