No Downloading Bomb Making Manuals?

The war “against terrorism” sparks many interesting approaches on how to prevent suicide bombers from operating in the world. We have people take off their shoes when entering a plane, including a crippled woman sitting in a wheel chair or we carefully pat down a two year old because he might be wearing a vest bomb. Two years ago I was chatting with a teacher at the front entrance to Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn when we noticed an Hispanic woman enter with her one year old boy. Security made the child walk through the metal detector alone. The teacher sighed and said: “When children walk through the entrance of this school they are safe, when they leave they are in danger.”

The Danish Socialist People’s Party wants to prevent terrorism by striking at access to the Internet. Karina Lorentzen noted: “Just like we don’t allow people to surf the Internet for child pornography, we shouldn’t let people download bomb recipes or videos of beheading.” Her comments came after the failed attack by a Somali man at the home of Kurt Westergaard. In Sweden, Lars Vilks received phone calls from Somalia threatening death because he drew caricatures of Muhammad as a dog. Sorry, but these efforts will not prevent terrorist acts anymore than banning people use of cell phones to prevent cell phone attacks.