No Eatery For Elite

Every so often one encounters a story that could readily appear in a fairy tale book, but actually occurred in real life. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and his wife, Queen Silvia were in the town of Ladenburg in Germany where they hosted a wedding party. They decided to go out for a bite to eat at a noted restaurant in town called, Zum Gueldensen Stern only to encounter an harassed owner, Nadine Schellenberger who was overwhelmed with the crowd seeking seating. She politely told the couple there was no room at the inn.

The royal couple smiled, and headed for a pizza joint. This is a tale that could never occur in modern America. This is a tale in which those who have power wait their turn without being upset. This is a tale that once was true in the United States of America when Abraham Lincoln would walk through the streets of Washington D.C. This is one King and Queen who truly behave with dignity.

Imagine the head of any American corporation being told there was no table in the restaurant! Hell, he’d buy the damn restaurant in order to get seated!