No Eye For Eye-Jut Shot In The Arm, Says China Leader

The Chinese government has announced a new direction in its handling of the death penalty-those deemed to be executed will now receive lethal injections rather than receiving a shot in the head. Jiang Xingchang, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, said, “It is considerably more humane and will eventually be used in all intermediate people’s courts.” He claims event those sentenced for execution prefer the shot to the shot in the head. Xingchang rejected any suggestion that China would join the world wide trend toward abolishing the death penalty because such action would undermine public security. He argues that Chinese people believe in an eye for an eye and would oppose ending the death penalty.

China leads the world in execution of those deemed to have committed a crime. Hopefully, as democracy takes hold in that nation, the idea of becoming part of the world community’s desire to end capital punishment.