No Fly And Guns?

It was simply a matter of time before President Obama decideit was necessary to become involved in the ongoing war in Syria which, at last report, has led to the deaths of over 93,000 people. Apparently, he has authorized sending weapons to those fighting against the tyrannical regime of President Bashar al-Assad. It is still unclear as to the type of weapons that will be sent, whether a “no fly zone” will be established and whether missiles to shoot down planes will be sent. Oh, there are reports of chemical weapon use, but the bottom line is that Iran and Hezbollah are sending in men, equipment and money to President Assad.

The more important question is the lack of weapons and money being sent to rebels by wealthy leaders in Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States? Surely, Saudi Arabia has modern weapons, so why are they not sending them to the rebels? In the end, this war must be resolved by people in the Middle East and not by the people of the United States of America!