No Gay Time For Gays In Moscow May Festivities

Gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev blasted the Moscow City hall after Mayor Yury Luzkhov’s office turned down a proposal for a gay pride parade durng the holidays at the start of May. Sergei Tsoi, a spokesperson for the mayor, accused gay rights activists of attempting to spoil a wonderful May Day labor oriented celebration by their desire to parade since such an action would mean there “could be blood, which no one wants.” His comment drew an angry response from Alexeyev who pointed out: “As if gays don’t support peace and don’t work. Don’t we pay taxes that support this government. I don’t underestand this at all.”

In 2006, Mayor Luzhkov described the idea of a gay parade as a “satanic event and his office has turned down every request by gays for a parade since then. The Moscow City Court has upheld the right of City Hall to turn down requests for parades as perfectly constitutional.

  • Anonymous

    I love how christians can just smash hopes and dreams with a handy label that also victimises satanists as being the ‘evil’ ones. I sometimes wonder if we truly are civilised when read about these kinds of issues, apparently christians are ‘the good ones’ too but I ask you is is good to take away peoples rights? the things that make people, people? without them we would just be shells of ourselves, with no way to express ourselves we would just lack any communication skills what so ever. Ever sat down and read some christian propaganda? I was reading some today and I was apalled, it was a site devoted to stopping people from being gay, as if it was a bad thing! anyway, Our lifelstyles are our own, if we have the power to change other peoples lifestyles, I don’t think we’d be much more than animals.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Thanks for your comments