No Gay Time For John Boehner

Every so often the antics of Republican leaders in Congress leave me with an insatiable quest for knowledge. Frankly, I simply do not understand their mind set, most probably because I never went to school in Texas or enjoyed the wonderful education that Senator Ted Cruz obtained at Harvard. The United States Senate by a vote of 61 to 30 actually passed a bill. The Employment Non Discrimination Act(Enda) prevents discrimination against gays, lesbians and non-gender people in the workplace. I assume the purpose of this bill is to protect the jobs of people who seek work. Unfortunately, my understanding of logic is false. Thanks to Speaker of the House John Boehner I finally learned that a bill to protect jobs was, in reality, simply another attempt by job-hating Barack Obama to end jobs.

John Boehner opposes this horrible bill. “The Speaker believes this legislation will increase frivolous law suits and cost American jobs, especially those small business jobs.” He went on to emphasize, “it’s offensive, it’s wrong.”

Let me see, if your goal is to protect jobs, then, in reality, you seek to destroy them. I trust this is clear.