No Gay Time In Gay Paree

I was raised in an era in which going to France was an opportunity to explore sexual  delights that were not openly displayed in America. Ah, to walk the streets of Paris, chat openly with prostitutes and see men seeking men and women seeking women, this was not a common scene in my native Bronx. Yesterday on the social media photos were displayed of the face of Wilfred de Bruijn in order to describe how vicious homophobes in France beat up gay men. He had a fractured head and bruises over his face and body. This scene occurred as the French Parliament was discussing passing a law that would allow gays and  lesbians to marry.

Along with the photos, one can hear voices saying, “Hey, look they are gays.” And then came the attack. Many gay organizations are now organizing anti-homophobic rallies. Look, this is Paree, this is the land of  love and joy. How about you French homophobes acting like real Frenchmen? Toujour, l’amour, and that means male or female with the same of opposite sex. This is what France represents-to those of us  from the  Bronx!