No Gay Time In Indiana

There are people in the town of Sullivan, Indiana who devote their lives to worrying about what God thinks or desires, and after having a long talk with the Big Guy up in the sky, it is now clear they do not desire a gay time in the old town this year. Diana Medley, a teacher at the high school has gathered together parents who want a return to a “traditional prom.” In their eyes, a real, solid, old fashioned prom does not have creatures like gays or lesbians on the dance floor.  The very sight of such children dancing close to the bodies of good Christian children is offensive to Diana.

As far as Diana is concerned if a child chooses God he or she will choose a traditional life. I assume a “traditional prom” also ensures:

No Jews on the floor.

No black or other dark skins on the floor.

And, above all, no liberals dancing in close proximity with God fearing Republicans!