No Gay Time In Nigeria

I have absolutely no idea how people in Africa thought or behaved in terms of their sexuality prior to the arrival of Christianity from Europeans or the Islamic religion from people of the Middle East. Somehow, I doubt if they were overly concerned if two males or two females sort of consorted together. A tribe had to survive and the talents of each person were necessary to deal with need for food or protection against stronger animals. Anyway, Islamic warriors arrived in Nigeria and a few centuries later came Christian missionaries in the company of Christian soldiers. Thus, people living in what we now term, Nigeria, finally became “civilized.” A new law passed by the Nigerian legislature was signed by President Goodluck Jonathan and it makes clear that homosexuals should seek another continent in which to dwell or face some rather harsh penalties. According to the bill he signed: “Persons who enter into a same-sex marriage contract or civil union commit an offense and are each liable ton conviction to a term of 14 years in prison.”

The new law also makes public display of an “amorous relationship” a crime that could send both people to prison for a term of ten years. Hey, if a married couple get into sodomy, then it is jail time. I assume the government will be checking asses twenty four hours a day. We now know when it is appropriate to employ the expression, “ass hole.”