No Gay Time In Russia

The people of Russia throughout their history have always contained within society an element of authoritarianism. Historically, there has always been a Leader and there has always been-officially or secretly– a strong belief in authority and the church. No Czar rules Russia, but there is a Putin who imposes his beliefs on the people of HIS land. Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of parliament, voted 388 to 1 for a  law that makes public events and the dissemination of information concerning lesbians and gays, transgender and bisexual to be a crime. When opponents protested against the law  police arrested them because in the democracy of Putin, the church and the Man rule over the nation.

Unfortunately,  in this land of  hate toward gays, goon squads of Orthodox Christians interpret the  meaning of Christianity to include the right to beat the hell out of those who do not agree with orthodoxy. Church leaders proclaim that under their rule, to believe in Christ means one should attack those who do not agree with your own views of Christianity.  This is definitely an interesting interpretation  of what constitutes being a Christian.