No Gay Time In Texas

A Federal Judge in the state of Texas with the Hispanic name of Garcia has decided to challenge the entire state of Texas by declaring that its law which bans same-sex marriage to be in contradiction to the Constitution of the United States of America. As he informed the government of Texas, this law “conflicts with the United States Constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process.” Of course, in the state of Texas, the concept of due process is usually interpreted to mean that if you got convicted by a Texas jury then there is nothing to halt your execution since when a Texas jury votes guilty it must be guilty. Just check with your local minister if you doubt this statement. I checked with my Texas contact, one Jack C:

Me–So, Jack, do you think the Government has a right to tell Texas anything?
J –Me and the boys are getting together our guns and we intend to make a social call on this wetback judge.
M — Jack, do you think assaulting a federal judge is wise?
J —We old boys are the ones who run Texas, not some wetback or his black dude friend in Washington. It is about time to have a shoot out because if we wait, they will come down from their black helicopters and kill us all.
M — You mean kill white Texans who are for banning mongrelization of the sexes?
J — Damn right. First, they made us marry some guy, next they will make our daughters marry black bucks, and who knows what comes later, we got to kiss the ass of every black buck!

Well Jack, remember the last Jack who came to Texas and got you mad?

I remember that was in 1963. Who knows?