No Gay Times In Moscow!

In Putin Land, there is one ruler, and there is one law as to who can or cannot express opinions about the One Ruler. A crowd of hostile people to the One Ruler gathered at public offices in Moscow to express their right to support gay rights in Russia. They were particularly upset at passage of anti-gay legislation in Moscow. At least 150 were arrested because in Putin Land, if the leader says gays are immoral, they are immoral.

Of course, those who support the One Leader have every right to support the government and none are arrested. As pro-gay folk protested, a group  of not very gay folk spoke out in favor of Putin Land. “I will  not allow perverts to bring the wrath of God into our city” and “stop Sodom.” Frankly, I have a hunch that God is some place in the universe and not paying much attention to whether there are or are not gay people. Where do these nuts get the idea that God worries about people being gay?

Just remember, our Lord loves gay and happy people!