No Gay Times In St. Petersburg

We offer some words of caution to anyone seeking to spend a few days in the lovely town of St. Peters burg, Russia to wipe that smile off your face and place a grim look on your face. It is against the law in St. Petersburg to be gay, urge others to be gay or say any gay things within earshot of young children. The anti-gay law makes it a crime to “promote  homosexuality  among  minors.” The first case hit the court and Nikola Alexeyev was fined.

What exactly was the crime of this notorious corrupter of youth? He held aloft a sign that said: “Homosexuality is Not A Crime.” He never spoke to any children, never urged them to do or not do anything, he just held up a sign. The court fined him $170 for his acts of perversion.

Nikolai will appeal to the European Court of  Human Rights.