No Gays In Procession Says Unhappy Filipino Cleric

Catholic parishes that allow cross-dressing homosexuals to play female saints in the Santa Cruz de Mayo procession were told by Cardinal Rosales, Archbishop of Manila, they were deliberately insulting the Virgin Mary. The Santaxruzan procession is a major event in the Philippinesand most parishes organize elaborate processions. Over the years the processions have shifted from ones in which religious figures dominated into opportunities for beauty queens to display their bodies, and, in many cases, famous movie stars assume roles in the religious pageant.

The empowerment of gay groups has led some parishes to ignore the orders of the Archbishop and organize processions with cross-dressing gays portraying saints. Cardinal Rosales exploded and said: “The procession is religious. But what the parishes do is organize it as a parade of homosexual cross-dresers. That’s an insult to the Blessed Mother.” He threatened to ban the holding of Masses at any parish that disregards his warning. The Cardinal made clear he had nothing against gays as long as they kept their distance from religious processions.

  • journeyer58

    Why, oh why do the people in power in any form have to have someone or something to denigrate and oppress? The Roman Catholic Church is among the most powerful institutions in the world and the leadership is among the most blind to the rest of the world. There is not one good reason for the rantings of that Cardinal as reported, yet rant he will for the sake of ranting. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the “princes of the church,” have absolute power in the archdioceses where they live. No one other than the Holy Father can reprimand, remove or change the mind of an appointed bishop or cardinal. It seems that nothing will be done about the dreadful lack of representation of women in the church, the lack of tolerance towards those of differing viewpoints from the Vatican and those who have a lifestyle different than the one “approved” by the Vatican. I start to doubt my faith when the American Conference of Catholic Bishops tell me that even if a person is a bigot and believes in the death penalty but disagrees with abortion and gay marriage that this is the person I must in all Catholic conscience vote for. What does it say about the Christian faith as a whole when there are so many dying of hunger and lack of medical care in the United States, but we “Catholics” must vote for Republican far right wing candidates whose only redeeming quality is that they are against abortion and “the culture of death.” Surely this is not what Yeshua intended when he talked about loving the sinner and hating the sin amongst other more important things? Must believing and loving people go away from organized religion altogether and form their own churches? Or are we to believe that reformation can take place in the places that we already are at? I, for one doubt that reformation can take place in the established and organized religions, for they are too entrenched in their ideologies to make any concessions to the future and the movement of the world towards more and more tolerance of those with differing viewpoints and lifestyles.