No Gays, No Foster Kids!

An unusual case has arisen in England when a couple was denied the right to work with foster children because they don’t like gay people. Eunice and Own Johns have strong views about the nature of gay people and social workers became concerned that if they were allowed to work with foster children their strong views would be imposed onto the kids. A decision by the Royal Courts of Justice denied their right to work with children on the ground the United Kingdom is “a secular state, not a theocracy.” Although they claim their religious beliefs do not accept the concept that gays should be accepted as normal people, the judges insist they have a right to maintain their ideas, but they cannot be allowed to impose them on young minds.

This blog accepts the ruling by judges, but it does raise questions as to whether those who work for a state agency should have their personal views become a factor in deciding their ability to be an employee of the state. There are many questions, and future situations might suggest this view will not always be accepted as valid by liberal minds.