No Goodluck For Nigerians

In most human societies if your name is,”Goodluck,” then it most probably is the second, not the first one. But, in Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan presides over what is probably the most inept government on the continent of Africa. Last mont the crazies known as Boko Haram kidnapped 300 school girls without a single shot being fired by the Nigerian army. Actually, reports are that police most probably gave the Boko nut cases directions to the school. Two days ago bombs in Jos led to the death of 118 people, and still no response from the “Army.” Yesterday,Boko nut cases returned to the same area where they had kidnapped the girls, killed thirty people, and the response of the Nigerian “Army” was –keep your rifles silent!!

We now understand the existence of the Nigerian “Army” is meant to show the world this country has an Army. Now, step two is telling soldiers in this “Army” their duty is to fight people. Honest, guys, men in an Army actually fight and kill the bad people. What will it take to get these “soldiers” to actually engage in being a soldier??