No Hating Jews Today!

It is another difficult day for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani cancelled a scheduled conference which was supposed to discuss why people should hate Jews. It was set up by prior President Ahmadinejad. The Iranian Foreign Ministry said such conferences impede the road to peace that is being pursued by the Iranian government. Naturally, hard-liners in Iran are furious terming the cancellation a “disaster” and a “big mistake.” Supposedly “scholars” were to discuss why everyone should hate Jews. I assume they would be citing evidence from the Bible. President Rouhani is serious about resolving Iranian differences with the western world and creating conditions that would lead to stimulating the Iranian economy.

My informants in Israel inform me that Bibi Netanyahu is furious. He was a fervent supporter of the conference because he needs evidence that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. There are reports Bibi has contacted those “scholars”and urged them to speak out against Israel. We suggest that Bibi work with those “scholars” and offer them a site in Israel to hold the conference.