No Holiday For Death In Syria

Death is  having a busy  schedule wandering around Syria making certain that  men, women and children keep their appointment with the man who only knows gloom and turbulence. Each day more people die in Syria, and each day, the Russian government finds another excuse to support the murderous regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Deputy Foreign Minister, Dimitry Peskov, expressed the view of his boss-Vladimir Putin: “Russia’s position is well known. It is balanced, and constant and completely logical.”

We agree. It is consistent in supporting murder of the innocent, it is logical in getting rid of those seeking a democratic Syria, and it makes sense for Russia to back up its  client who desires their arms and ammunition. Hillary Clinton warned the Russian government that failure to change would result in escalation of the civil war and increased destabilization in the Middle East.

The fire today is in Syria, the fire tomorrow is in—-?