No Holiday For Death In Yemen

It was just another day in Sana’a in Yemen, people busy shopping or enjoying a cup of coffee and friendship at their local cafe. After all, this was the nation of Yemen in which few can recall a day that went by without someone dying or getting blown up. Soldiers were standing guard at the Defense Ministry since this building contained those who were expert at defending the nation. Suddenly, a car exploded and chaos reigned at the entrance where bodies were flying through the air along with arms and legs and other such body parts. A group of assailants charged into the building, men blasted away and more bodies began to crumple in death. Terrorists wearing Yemen army uniforms blasted at Yemen soldiers wearing army uniforms. For some reason, the Ministry’s medical clinic bore the brunt of the attack. About 52 doctors and nurses are dead and at least 162 people are wounded.

A conclusion is the attack “bears all of the hallmarks of al-Qaida.” Oh well, the only mystery in Yemen is where will tomorrow’s attack occur. It will.

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