No Home For Syrians Except Homs

Eventually in every civil conflict there arrives a moment in which both sides make perfectly clear that this fight has no end unless one side just admits it can no longer continue in the parade of death. The city of Homs is surrounded by troops of the Syrian army who are pursuing a war tactic that entails surrounding a town, preventing food or water to enter, and compel its inhabitants to surrender to leave the nation. The United Nations brokered an agreement with the Syrian government which would allow food to enter Homs and prevent mass starvation. Syrian officials now say they will permit women and children to leave which is simply proof that President Bashar al-Assad is a man of peace and love for all–at least, all those who regard him as a man of peace and love. In other words, women and children can depart, and men remain who can be starved into surrendering their weapons.

As this is taking place in Syria, back in Geneva, Switzerland, representatives of the government are meeting with representatives of those fighting the government. There is absolutely NO evidence that either side will budge one inch. I assume at these meetings there is plenty of food and water for both sides in the conflict. I wonder if they could spare some of this largesse for those who are left largely alone to starve to death!