No Hunger Strike?

Every so often political leaders come up with ideas that leave me baffled. Ria Oomen-Ruitjten, who holds the job of being the European Parliament’s Turkey rappoteur, made clear to Turkish dissidents threatening to go on a hunger strike that hunger strikes are no allowed in the EU. HuH? She believes conducting  hunger strike is “an unacceptable method in a democracy. If you have an aim, you should get involved in politics and try to convince people.”

Yes, as the Turkish police beat the hell out of you or throw your body into stinking cell where fear of death awaits, just get involved and life will be wonderful! Many Kurdish protesters are using hunger strikes to gain recognition from the world that Prime Minister Erdogan’s government uses violence or  prison sentences to quiet opposition groups.

How about contacting Erdogan and letting him know that sending people to jail because they have differing views violates EU laws?