No, Jobs, No Work, Not USA, It’s Iraq

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in 2003, the brilliant leadership of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld decided to bring democracy to the benighted people of Iraq. At the time, the people of Iraq had a stable economy, women had rights, and there was no violence in the streets despite being ruled by a sadistic, brutal leader. Fast forward seven years, and there are no jobs, no work, violence in the streets, and, –no functioning government. I do recall our Great Leader, George Bush, proclaiming ‘Mission Accomplished, but, alas that was a long, long time ago. Iraq had an election, perhaps, not the most honest, but it was an election. The two winners had a virtual tie and they are fighting to prove which of these individuals cares less for his country, Iraqis are dying in the streets as al-Qaeda continues its destabilizing efforts, but nothing can persuade either of the dominant parties to compromise and share governing.

The US has sent a new general, Ordieno and a new ambassador, now all they need is a new government. Ah, the follies of spreading democracy int he world.