No Kissing On Our Beaches Says Dubai!

Two foreign women did the unmentionable on a beach in Dubai, they decided to kiss one another either in fully knowledge or ignorance of the fundamentalist law against women engaging in love making in public. They are charged with “indecent acts” such as fondling one another and kissing. The Dubai Court of Appeal handed down one month sentences against a 30 year-old Lebanese national and a 36 year-old woman from Bulgaria. Prosecutors said it was the first case in the history of the United Arab Emirates in which woman have been prosecuted for publicly engaging in the “indecent acts.” They will be deported after serving their one-month sentences.

Dubai is visited by millions of people who undoubtedly practice rather different sexual behaviors but, one assume, as long as they do the kissing and fondling in private, the police will leave them alone. Dubai will certainly make the gay and lesbian vacation list.

  • Mike

    Good for Dubai.