No More Drones Urges Pakistan

The history of America has witnessed many unusual alliances in the quest to win wars, but none compares with seeking any form of cooperation from Pakistan. The Pakistan Intelligence created the Taliban, it has supported the Taliban and it offers security and comfort to Taliban militants  fleeing from Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden lived  in an important city, but nothing was done to arrest this enemy of humanity. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Sherry Rahman, made clear her government’s disgust with use of drones.”I am not saying drones have not assisted in the war against terror, but they have diminishing rate of return. We will seek and end to drone strikes, and there will be no compromise on that.”

Certainly, there are many questions, not only about the effectiveness of drones, but ethical and moral issues. However, as long as Pakistan assists the Taliban, there is need for drone attacks. American forces confront a rather difficult situation when their “ally” aids the enemy. A cooperative alliance between the US and Pakistan can end the need for drone attacks.