No More Foreigners!

These days the last resort to bigots seeking public office is to shift emphasis from economic matters to the most vital aspect of a nation–the presence of “foreigners.” We all know that having foreigners enter our fair land inevitably leads to the collapse of a society. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is down in the polls in his quest to become re-elected as head of the nation. His Socialist challenger, Francois Hollande is ahead by nearly ten points. So, how to capture the attention is what most concerns the current leader of France.

Sarkozy appeared on TV this week to announce he has discovered the solution to economic problems in France, reduce by half the number of foreigners allowed in the country. He insists there simply are “too many foreigners in France.” I get it, prevent 80,000 foreigners from entering the country and that will enable millions of unemployed people to get a job.

My problem in discussing such issues is a failure in math. Some how, I believe other solutions might reduce unemployment. At least my math leads to that conclusion.