No More Lying About Afghan Body Counts

The Vietnam War was characterized by daily “body counts” that were simply daily lies about people who were dead and no one really knew if they were innocent civilians or Viet Cong. the body count charade began in Iraq and has continued in Afghanistan. The United States military has decided to cease providing such numbers because it serves no purpose and distracts from issue that decide victory or defeat. Actually, the number of Taliban who are “killed” does not offer any concrete evidence that something has been accomplished in destroying the power of the Taliban. According to General McChystal, the toll of supposed dead militants “distracts from the real objectives and isn’t necessary to communicate what we’re trying to achieve.”

A basic problem of body counts is believing someone flying in a jet plane in the sky knows if his bombs killed “Taliban” or not. In too many cases, the “enemy killed” turned out to be the civilian dead.