No More Snitching

In 2008, Barack Obama promised to bring people together and end conflict between those of differing political viewpoints. Recent evidence reveals that Obama has become the great unifier of the American political scene. Thousands of Americans representing those of widely differing political beliefs came tougher in Washington D.C. due to Obama leadership. These people were protesting the ongoing violation of human rights by the man in Washington who believes the government has the right to spy on whomever it desires. Representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union to the Libertarian party were shouting their desire to end snitching on the private lives of citizens. “No More Snitching” and “Don’t Tap On Me” were among their demands to our president in chief of spying–on US!

During the past few years Obama in his mad desire for control of our lives has ever increased the power of government to spy on its own citizens. Just claim: NATIONAL SECURITY and our individual rights vanish from the scene. There is something sad about this president who knows what is best for all of us.