No More War Says Public!

Latest polls reveal that public opinion in the United States and England is not very supportive of providing military assistance to rebels fighting in Syria. Some in Congress such as Senator John McCain are demanding that President Obama arm rebels and take a more pro-active role in the Syrian civil war. A survey in America shows 42% in favor of regime change and 15% for such action. In England 57% oppose arming rebels and 15% favor this assistance. When asked about the  war in Iraq, 53% of  Democrats believe it was a mistake while 72% of Republicans still cling to the belief we had to enter Iraq to destroy the ever  elusive Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Unfortunately, few Americans have read information which proves conclusively that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair lied to their publics. If the truth were known, a much higher percent of Americans and people in England would still cling to their naive view of what happened in 2003 in Iraq.