No Muslim Protests Or Boycotts– Just A Film!

Muslims have reacted to examples of prejudiced stereotyping by Christians through means of mass protests, violence and threats of boycott. A Saudi blogger, Raed Al-Saeed, has come up with a much more effective manner of responding– give them a dose of their own medicine. Instead of ranting and demonstrating against the Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ film, Fitna, he has created a film entitled: “Schism” Which selects verses from the Bible that promote violence, killing, and war. At the conclusion of his film, Saeed, comments: “It is easy to take parts of any Holy book that are out of context and make it sound like the most inhuman book ever written. That is what Geert Wilders did to gather more supporters to his hateful ideology. To create schism.”

This is undoubtedly the most creative antitdote to anti-Muslim books, films or cartoons. It is about time Muslims used the media to defend themselves instead of rioting in the streets to damage themselves. His film can be viewed on YouTube.