No Nazis In This Land

Israel is a land being torn apart because a large minority in the country is convinced the world hates Jews, the world hates Israel, and the prospect of another Holocaust lingers in the background. Recently, ultra Orthodox West Bank Jewish settlers descended on Jerusalem dressed as though in a death camp in Nazi, Germany. They were upset because police demolished some illegal houses. Naturally, the destruction of these homes is equivalent to the Nazi destruction of the Warsaw ghetto and murder of thousands of Jews.

Pretending to be a Holocaust victim in the year, 2011, simply did not even impress Israel political leaders who believe Jews can do no wrong. A new law proposed in the Knesset would make it a crime to insult others by calling them “Nazis” or to dress up as though in a death camp. I assume this does not include plays or films about the Holocaust. In other words, words like Nazi, Holocaust, 3rd Reich and Hitler are banned in polite company.

The proposed ban on language is simply one more piece of evidence that Israel dislikes the concept of being a democracy.