No NBA, Sign Of Rich In Action

Republicans insist if only wealthy people are allowed the fruits of unfettered free enterprise the result will be jobs and joy for the American people. NBA owners have locked out players because the current salary process results in only about $3.5 billion entering their pockets. They want “more money” on grounds that players get too much money. Obviously, NBA players are making gobs of money, but is the problem high salaries or is the problem that owners pay too much money for inferior players?

There are no reports of NBA owners heading to the unemployment line and seeking financial aid. The New York Knickerbockers paid a player named Eddy Curry about $17 million a year and he only played about five games during a two year period. This tale can be heard about each team in the league. The solution for high player salaries is simple-stop paying bums millions of dollars!

We urge NBA players to form their own league and tell owners to shoot themselves in the foot!